Sunkissed - UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails

Sunkissed - UV Gel 5ml

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  • £6.50

There's no better way to make a bright and bold statement with your look, than to colour your nails with this beautiful shade of yellow. Sunkissed is a truly special UV Gel colour, when you have it on you are going to feel special, beautiful, and bright. Choosing a unique color like this for your nails shows that you are willing to take a risk, that you like to live life a little on the edge, and that you are a truly special person who is willing to be daring once in a while. Brighten up your life with a beautiful yellow nail and you will be left feeling more confident all day long. Adding a unique color to your nails adds so much to each outfit that you wear, and you are going to be left feeling a little more put together all the time that you have this special color on your nails.