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Spring Willow - Glitter UV Gel | Naio Nails
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Spring Willow - Glitter UV Gel

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  • £6.50 GBP

Green is the colour of springtime and renewal. So, if you're ready to try something new when it comes to your manicure, you'll love Spring Willow by Naio Nails. The UV Gel has a glitter finish to make your manicure especially sparkly and beautifully feminine. This bold green colour isn't too outrageous for going out with friends or attending an artistic meeting. This colour is perfect for your next spring vacation as you can also wear it with conservative and fashionable pieces like blazers and button-down blouses for a chic contrast. The gel is created to stay on for longer periods of time than conventional nail polish, up to 2 weeks once cured under a UV lamp. If you're wearing this colour in the spring weather, the glitter in the polish will sparkle in the sun adding to the effect.