Silver - Super Shimmer UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-151
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If you are looking to dress up your nails and give them a unique, classy look, we have just the UV gel for you. Try our Silver Super Shimmer UV Nail Gel and your nails will be shimmery, beautiful, and perfect for any occasion. Wear this gel to a wedding, paired with your favorite dress, or on a date night with a blouse and skirt. When you have a shimmery, pretty nail gel on, you will be left feeling confident no matter what life throws at you, and you will feel dressed up enough for any event. From a wedding to work or a date night out on the town, this shimmery silver gel is the perfect fit. Whatever you have planned for the next two weeks - which is about how long it will last when cured under a UV lamp - you can know that you will have gorgeous nails for every occasion.