Opulently Opal - Colour UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-126


Imagine that you are sailing on calm continental seas, the warm balmy breeze against your skin, clear almost translucent waters lapping against your boat. Unexpectedly you come upon the entrance to an almost hidden cave. Sailing slowly inside you find an amazing world of the most beautiful colours you have ever seen, enhanced by the bright sunbeams which penetrate the cave entrance, lighting up the rocks, plants and water. The most enchanting colour of all is that of the deepest most opulent green - rich, intense and reminiscent of the most precious green opal gemstones, but even more beautiful as this colour is found here in nature. If you wish to replicate that calm and serene feeling, induced by those sparkling opulent green waters, then try wearing our gorgeous Opulently Opal colour UV gel. When you wear this colour it will soothe your emotions, giving you a sense of calm and balance. Green has long been considered to be a colour of healing, and wearing it will help you to feel re-energised. Opulently Opal is a great choice to wear for a variety of social occasions, including those fun nights out, meals with your family and friends and for your memorable girly shopping trips too! Once applied to your nails, this high quality and durable colour UV gel will last for up to two weeks, once it has been cured under a UV lamp.