Opium - Colour UV gel - 5ml

Naio Nails

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Naio Nails understands the importance of getting your look just right, which is why customer satisfaction is our greatest priority. We strive to ensure each customer has everything they need to complete their look, regardless of whether it is for themselves or for a client. Opium UV Gel is one shade you don’t want to miss! The rich red hue will get you revved up! Wearing it will make you feel more powerful, or perk you right back up when you’re feeling down. This colour will go great with a warm skin tone, and a light-colored outfit. The bold fullness of it gives you a wide range of options, from a fabulous evening gown to a jazzing up a boring work uniform. The choice is yours! Whichever you choose, Naio Nails will help you out. Their colour gels will last up to 2 weeks when cured under a UV lamp! Show off your assertive, powerful side for longer with Naio Nails.