Neon Pink - Intense Shimmer UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails

Neon Pink - Intense Shimmer UV Gel 5ml

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  • £6.50

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to get all dressed up, all girly and pink and pretty? If so, our Neon Pink UV Gel is just the thing for you. This gel has an intense shimmer, giving your nails a unique and absolutely stunning look. You will feel amazing when you have this gel on, the shimmer making your nails stand out and adding to each outfit that you put on. As this gel lasts for up to two weeks when cured under a UV lamp, the fun will last for a good, long while. You will be able to wear this gel to parties, to work, out on dates, and lazy days at home. No matter where you are or what you have planned for the day, wearing a shimmery, sparkly, girly gel like this on your nails will make the day a little bit more fun.