Neon Chilli - UV Gel 5ml

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Have you ever had the fantastic experience of attending a performance given by a group of amazingly talented Spanish dancers and admired their flexibility, stamina and grace as they move around the floor, dancing with each other as one brilliant display of astounding colour and movement? The very first time you see this it almost takes your breath away, the vibrant fiery reds, burnt oranges and shining bright yellows swirling around in the skirts of all the dancers, producing a huge rainbow of intense colours. As the dancers glide seamlessly across the floor, dancing with such skill and passion, the colours which seems to come alive most are the exquisite bright reds, having a glowing almost neon appearance as the sun lights up the skirts as they twirl around. If you would like to keep something alive of this happy memory, then consider using our perfect Neon Chilli UV Gel colour to give your nails a zesty and 'hot' burst of colour which will really get you noticed! You are sure to stand out in the crowd whilst wearing our Neon Chilli UV Gel -it has the added bonus of being suitable to wear with a variety of outfits in all seasons too.