Neon Blue - Intense Shimmer UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-173


Are you having a blue kind of day? You're not feeling down, you're just in the mood for something blue. You want to cover your nails in something that is beautiful, something blue. This Neon Blue Intense Shimmer UV Gel is the right choice for you. You can enjoy the beauty that blue offers you through this colourful and shimmery nail gel. Are you about to go out on your first date in weeks and wondering just what you should use on your nails before the big event? Are you off to school after a summer of vacation and looking for the right finish for your nails? This Neon Blue Intense Shimmer UV Gel will keep you looking beautiful for any occasion. You don't want to take the time to redo your nails every few days, and you don't have to. This UV gel stays in place for up to two weeks when it is properly cured under a UV lamp, allowing you to enjoy the look for days on end.