Nail Strengthener 6ml - Naio Nails
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Nail Strengthener 6ml

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When the nails have been under stress from nail enhancements such as UV gel or acrylic, or from consistent nail biting, they can become weak and can easy break and split. Naio nail strengthener is a natural nail reinforce, and works by strengthening the natural nails. It helps to protect the natural nails by penetrating the layers within the nail. The formula encourages the formation of keratin, and binds the layers within the nail together to help generate stronger, healthier and thicker nails. It also helps the nail to retain and lock in moisture. It takes only a few applications of nail strengthener to see visible improvements to the health of the nails. The 6ml bottles are very easy to transport for mobile technicians, and also allow for re-sale to clients to help them to improve the health of their own nails. The pink coloured liquid helps to add a professional feel to any nail technician’s nail kit. Strengthening the nails is extremely important after the nails have thinned and become damaged after long term use of nail enhancements, and Naio nail strengthener helps to make the process quicker. Your clients will see improvement in a short space of time.



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