Nail Polish Remover Push Pump Dispenser - 200ml - Naio Nails
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Nail Polish Remover Push Pump Dispenser - 200ml

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One of the problems with being a nail technician is that you often feel like you could use another pair of hands. That is where push pumps can really help to make your job easier. This 150ml / 5oz liquid push pump dispenser is a lightweight plastic container designed to store your nail polish remover or acetone. Instead of using one hand to pour the liquid and another to hold your nail wipe, simply place the nail wipe in the one hand and press down on the top of the bottle. The bottle dispenses a small amount upwards into a well on the top of the nail polish remover dispenser, which is soaked up on the nail wipe or you can leave it in the little well and absorb just a tiny amount on a cotton bud for nail polish correction... A cheap, clean, disposable alternative to nail polish correction pens.



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