Mud - Nude Colour UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

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When you're looking for a colour that will go with any outfit, that will make you feel beautiful no matter what you wear, our Mud Nude Colour UV Gel is just the thing for you. What makes it perfect that this deep, brown gel works with any outfit! You can put on whatever you like and know that you are going to look fabulous and put together. Going to a party, work, a wedding? Whatever you are doing during those two weeks, this colour gel is the perfect fit for you. You are going to love how it makes your nails look and all of the compliments that you are going to receive while wearing it. Put our Mud - Nude Colour UV Gel on your nails and you are truly going to look - and feel - absolutely stunning! When it is cured under a UV lamp this gel will last for up to two weeks.