Minty Moment - Pastel Colour UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails
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Minty Moment - Pastel Colour UV Gel 5ml

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Minty Moment is a is a sea-foam green gel with a sweet lustrous sheen that takes you under the sea or into the forest. Minty Moment is the perfect UV gel for a sunny day at the beach and for swimming in the ocean, or for enjoying the shade of trees under the noon-day Sun. It brings the sea and the beach to you and helps you carry them with you. It will bring songs to your head and the soothing sounds of the waves.It will make you feel like a mermaid skimming and sliding between the currents and enjoying the warmth on the protruding rocks. It can also make you feel like a woodland Elf relaxing on a grassy knoll in the shade of a copse of trees listening to the songs of birds. Mint leaves growing not far from you. So soothing and so relaxing. This colour is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or a even walk in the park. So enjoy the spirit of Summer to the fullest. This is the UV gel that is the gateway to the other gels, each one suits your mood for a different time. This is for those times when you want to feel nature around you, to get away from the confines of civilisation and into the freedom of the world around you.



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