Maroon - Colour UV gel - 5ml

Naio Nails

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Want to go bold, but don't feel daring enough to go for bright red? Naio Nails' Maroon Colour UV gel is the perfect compromise. A deeper variation of red, Maroon is less dramatic than red, and moderately softer than burgundy. With the slightest hint of purple in this nail hue, Maroon holds the attention of red with the mystery of purple. Maroon is also often associated with bravery and sacrifice, making it suitable for many occasions. Formulated with durability in mind, Naio Nails' Maroon UV gel will last up to two weeks after its easy application process concluded with a UV light cure. Assert yourself with Naio Nails' Maroon Colour UV gelin a more subtle way than going for the intense bright red colour most people go for.