Infrared - Super Shimmer UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails
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Infrared - Super Shimmer UV Gel 5ml

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Infared - Super Shimmer UV Gel is a unique color that will bring out the fire in you. This gel is not for the timid or meek, but more for those who want to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd. This is an orange color with a hint of red, reminiscent of fire (or the popular blaze color), but with even more pizzazz and sparkle. Infared – Super Shimmer will make you feel alive and adventurous, ready to take on the world and show them who’s the boss. The super shimmering finish of this gel makes it almost impossible to notice and admire, as it looks a bit like fire on your fingertips. This color goes really well with bright colors, especially blues and purples, but darker more diminished colours will bring out its beauty as well. This can be worn in formal social occasions but it really shines at the club or concert. When the Infared – Super Shimmer UV Gel is cured under an ultraviolet light, it will retain its lustrous finish for up to two weeks. So go ahead and have some fun, get noticed and be the center of attention with the Infared Super Shimmer!



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