Flamingo Pose - Colour UV Gel 5ml

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You long to cover your nails with a fun finish, something that is pretty and different, beautiful and unique. Flamingo Pose UV Gel uses a deep and rich shade of pink to help you stand out, to help you receive an unique look for you nails. This gel covers your nails with a colour that is fun, a colour that is bold, a colour that is different. Whether you are slipping into your swimsuit and going out to enjoy yourself under the warm, summer sun or you are preparing to dress in a suit and give a professional lecture, you will find that the Flamingo Pose UV gel allows your fun personality to shine through. This nail colour will be the focal point of any outfit you wear. When cured correctly under a UV lamp, this gel will stay in place for up to two weeks, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty that it brings about.