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Exotic Sands Crushed Shells 10g Jar

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Add Exotic Sands Crushed Shells to your nail art for a summery, seaside look. Made from real sea shells, these crushed fragments are easy to apply to nail extensions using gel or acrylic techniques. How to Apply Exotic Sands Crushed Shells Include your Exotic Sands Crushed Shells in your nail art: Prepare your nails in the normal way and apply the form or tip. Place some of the crushed shells into a separate container. Take up bead of clear acrylic powder and carefully roll it over the crushed shells. In the case of crushed shells less is better as they are bulky, so don't pick up too much. Press the crushed shells onto the form or tip of the nail. Pick up another bead of clear acrylic powder and smooth it over the crushed shells on the nail. Carry on with the acrylic nail application as you usually do. File, shape, and blend the nail art, and brush away any debris. Cleanse the nail with your usual cleanser. Apply your finishing gel and cleanse again. Why Use Exotic Sands Crushed Shells? The 8-gram jar of crushed shells is easy to store and holds just the right amount for numerous applications. Exotic Sands Crushed Shells from Naio Nails are an ideal addition to your nail art supplies, whether you're a busy salon owner or a creative do-it-yourselfer. The gentle golden glow of the Exotic Sands shells makes them ideal for night or day wear, and are an perfect aid to boosting self-confidence and adding pizazz to any outfit. Crushed shells, because they're a natural product, give a soft, environmentally friendly look, so you can use them to highlight your interest in nature and your love of the sea. Intrigue friends and family with crushed shell nail art, it tells a story. Place your order today of Exotic Sands Crushed Shells and make your nail art stand out.



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