Euphoria - Colour UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

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Are you feeling euphoric? Want to make a statement in an elegant way? Naio Nails' Euphoria UV Gel is a deep pinkish-purple hue that is bold and sophisticated at the same time. Appropriate for your winter outfits, to add a little pop of colour without being too bright. Great for the spring and summer when you want a fun colour to go with your outfit. Nail Nails' Euphoria is perfect for every occasion and season simply because of it's versatile nature. There's just enough brightness to this colour to make it fun, but just enough maturity for your everyday needs. Produced to last up to 2 weeks after being cured under a UV light, Naio Nails' UV gel is durable enough for work and play. So, whether you want to liven a work outfit in the winter or fall or continue with your already fun colour scheme in the spring or summer, Naio Nails' Euphoria gel is the colour you need.