Dreamy Scarlett - Glitter UV Gel

Naio Nails

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The Dreamy Scarlett - Glitter UV Gelon the Naio Nails website has a pleasantly surprising dark pink colour. This is surprising because many would assume scarlet would be more of an orange-red colour, but the dark pink colour of this gel would actually be a more versatile colour for most people, because it can be worn to a lot of events, whether it be professional, casual, or for evening outings. The finish is a very sparkly one, which will ensure that your nails are noticed when the light is reflected from the numerous particles of glitter within the smooth finish of this UV Gel. As this product is dark pink and sparkly, the person wearing it would feel very beautiful, flirty, and feminine! For those who like a long lasting nail finish, this product is great as it will last up to 2 weeks once cured under a UV light.