Digital Desire - Multi Glitter UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-185


Digital Desire is has a clear gel base with flecks of black, white and silver of different sizes giving it a strange otherworldly futuristic essence accented by a shimmer to complete the image. Digital Desire is for the future you - the gateway where you cast aside your past and take a step away from a present. Wear your black, white, silver or grey, and be a colourless shimmer like the landscape that is the digital world of ones and zeroes. Be trendy. Be in the the world where computers dominate; information flows and it knows what it wants. It wants to be free and it wants to be alive and live life. So do you. You want to experience it all, taste the drinks so delicious, eat the fruits sublime, smell the sweet scents of roses, gaze upon beauty comparable to only your own, and hear words sweeter than any others. Once cured under a UV lamp this gel will last on your nails for up to two weeks.