Decoy - Colour UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

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When most people think of gray or blackened nails, they have trouble accepting the professionalism behind it. Those worries will no longer be yours! Naio UV Gels have created the perfect shade to let our your inner dark side and still look ravishing. Whether you are a secret agent on a risky assignment, or looking for a sharp way to add some signature flair to your newest business attire, your nails will look and feel amazing. The intensity of the gray colour goes side-by-side in a unique way with the simplicity of it's appearance. Including a natural shine, it contains no extra glitter or gloss to take away the attractive severity of this shade. Naio's UV nail gels are consistent in their color and endurance while being worn, so no need to worry about chipping during one of your many disguise changes while on your mission. This colour is sure to help make your nails feel stylish, chic, and extraordinary no matter what your occasion!

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