Clarity - Pastel Colour UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails
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Clarity - Pastel Colour UV Gel 5ml

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Clarity is a bright yet gentle blue UV gel with a vivid sheen and an afterglow of lucidity. Clarity is the perfect UV gel for sunny days and cloudy ones, for picnics at the beach, and parties on large yacht. Whether you are dancing, or enjoying a sip of wine, or sunning yourself at sea, this gel will mingle with your mood like the purity of the water of the ocean. The smooth blue hue of this gel goes well with any complexion, especially a tanned skin. Blue and grey eyes match and complement nicely and summer dresses or swim suits with blue in them make for a unified clearness within the entire ensemble. There is a welcoming energy when a person possesses a mind devoid of obscurity. This is the gel that is the gateway to the other gels each one suits your mood for a different time. This is for those times when you want to be free of the burden of doubt and murkiness, Clarity is what you seek.



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