Caribbean Blue - Matt Finish UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

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Feeling tropical and bold? Want to add a little Caribbean flair to your life? Naio Nails' Caribbean Blue Matt Finish UV Gel provides not only the durability you expect in a UV Gel nail, but the statement you desire in your nail hue.Turn heads with this turquoise colour. Not only is Caribbean Blue perfect for the beach, it is also a sight to behold throughout the spring and summer, anywhere and with any outfit.Add a dash of colour to your everyday look or further the brightness of your already bold outfit. Lasting up to two weeks once cured under a UV lamp, Naio Nails' Caribbean Blue is just what you need! The simplicity of application, the durability of this nail gel, and the stylish statement made by the colour makes this a no brainer. Stop settling for nail colours that aren't fashionable and indulge in this amazing nail gel. Whether you're going to the Caribbean or wanting to bring the Caribbean to you, Naio Nails' Caribbean Blue absolutely perfect for your every need.