Boudoir - Colour UV Gel 5ml

Naio Nails

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Boudoir is a luscious red with a passionate energy and classic sensuality. Boudoir is the perfect UV gel for anytime you want to be the femme fatale. Evenings work best for that but it is you who makes that decision for with this UV gel you are the temptress that makes all the rules. You could wear this to lure that attractive guy to buy you a drink or go on a date with a bit of mischief on your mind or just go to the nightclub to prey on some lovestruck hearts. This colour pairs equally well with an elegant black dress, THE little black dress or anything absolutely appropriate or absolutely not. It is not about elegance but about seduction. A colour for everyone that brings out your inner siren, inflames you heart, and accentuates your beauty. This is the gel that is the gateway to the other gels each one suits your mood for a different time. This is for those times when you want to be the the seductress, want to feel desirable and full of the fires of passion.