Blue Marble Effect Nail Art Acrylic Powder

Naio Nails

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For best results use a slightly wetter that usual pickup to allow the colours to separate, dab the brush against the table roll to remove the excess liquid from the brush then apply the bead to the nail in a sideways sweeping motion. Upon picking up a bead of the Marble effect acrylic powder the colour will immediately begin to drop down and separate from the white and the white remaining close to the brush. Apply the bead sideways on to the nail and gently move into the desired effect. Don't over-work the acrylic application otherwise the colours will be completely blended together and the desired effect will be lost. Try applying small beads without working the powder to create effects like the one in the pink nail tip in the image or larger beads to create a larger swirl effect. Also perfect for a 1 step pickup when creating flower petals. Simply pickup a tiny bead and remove the excess liquid from the brush by holding the side of the brush against your table roll. Apply the bead onto the nail sideways to leave the white on the inside and the color on the outside Allow to set enough for the shine to disappear but still soft enough to gently press the brush into the bead. Apply a little pressure to white side of the bead and create a petal like shape with a coloured outer edge.