Atlantic - Colour UV Gel 5ml - Naio Nails
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Atlantic - Colour UV Gel 5ml

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Atlantic is a UV Gel colour which is reminiscent of the deep blue ocean on a clear summer day. The tone is not as dark as a navy blue, and not as rich as a royal blue.It has a calming effect and looks beautiful on dark toned skin as well as those with lighter pigmentation. This primary colour goes well with most other colours; though it looks best with brown and beige, which help to bring out its beauty. It can be worn in almost any setting or circumstances, from an elegant dinner date to a day at the park. If you have blue eyes, than Atlantic UV Gel is a perfect complement that will really highlight your eye colour. The best thing about this colour is that it’s not loud or flashy, but rather it is unpretentious while remaining elegant. Once cured under a UV light, this UV Gel will continue to look great and not peel or flake for up to two weeks.



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