Aqua Lagoon - Glitter Gel

Naio Nails

SKU: AA-234

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This glitter gel is fun, zesty and guaranteed to perk up your day as soon as you decide to apply it. The aqua colour is lightly refreshing and reminiscent of the beautifully still azure waters of the sea. It will make you feel as light as a cloud and summery in your outlook for the day ahead. The glitter finish is fun and pretty which goes perfectly with the serene colour. It's a great finish to choose if you like the usual shimmer finishes but are after something a little more unusual. This is definitely the perfect nail gel to wear on holiday - it will look great alongside a colourful bikini or a floaty kaftan and gladiator sandals. The finish can be relied upon to last for up to two weeks once it's been cured under a UV lamp so is definitely a great choice if you are about to jet off to sunnier climes for a lovely break in the sun.