Acrylic Nail Starter Kit B + Medium Speed Liquid

Naio Nails



Medium Speed Acrylic Liquid - 30ml
Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover - 30ml

Conditioning Brush Cleaner - 30ml
Free - Acid Free Primer - 15ml
Air Dry Top Coat, 15ml
Nail Prep/ Dehydrator, 15ml
Cuticle Oil 15ml
Zebra Straight File, 180/180 Grit
Black Straight File, 80/80 Grit
Nail Glue, 3g
Plastic Cuticle Pusher
Clear Acrylic Powder 7g
Natural Acrylic Powder 7g
Opaque Pink Acrylic Powder 7g

  • Clear, by far the most popular choice. Can be used over the entire nail over a nail tip, over the nail bed area, as a base before applying deep colours or capping over glitters or coloured acrylic designs.
  • Opaque Pink, This 80% opaque creamy pink powder, almost completely masks the natural nail plate. It's perfect for covering imperfections and giving a brighter than natural nail bed area.
  • Natural, Perfectly coloured to mimic the colour of the natural nails free edge.