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Acid Free Nail Primer 6ml | Naio Nails
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Acid Free Nail Primer 6ml

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Naio acid free nail primer is an essential for all nail technicians. The patented formula is a superbly effective nail primer with bonding chemistry that promotes full strength adhesion when applying nail tips, acrylic enhancements UV gel enhancements and all other types of nail enhancement. Naio nail primer is a safe formula, and avoids the use of potentially harmful substances on your clients’ nails. Nail primer helps to remove grease and debris from the nail’s surface, as well as excess moisture to help substances bond powerfully to the nail with ease. Proper nail preparation using Naio nail primer also helps to prevent lifting of the nails once acrylic or other nail enhancement substances have been applied to the nail, so long as the correct conditioning treatments are used once the enhancement is applied such as Naio cuticle oil which is available in coconut or passion fruit. Naio nail primer is gentle on your clients’ nails, compared with many other substances and products available on the market which can be harmful and cause the nails to dry out too much, as well as causing the nail bed and fingers to be sore. This nail primer comes in a 6ml bottle with a brush for easy application.

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