480ml High Speed Acrylic Liquid

Naio Nails

Size:  480ml


Perfect super sized bottle for high volume use, within a nail bars, colleges running nail courses and for nail tutors. Have you ever take what seems like ages to wait for the acrylic application to cure especially if you are doing just one or two nails?High Speed Acrylic Liquid has a faster curing speed than some regular acrylic liquids drastically reducing the time take to apply a set of nails. Although it dries quickly, the Naio High Speed Acrylic Liquid still gives the stronger, more durable nails with higher clarity. As with all Naio Acrylic Liquids, It also contains optical brighteners as well as UV Inhibitors to help maintain clarity and prevent yellowing and crystalisation, essential if the nails are to look nice infill after infill. This product has been designed to used by experienced Nail Technicians due to the faster drying times. Student nail technicians, on nail courses and those wishing to buy for home use, may wish to use our Medium Speed Acrylic Liquid.