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Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes we do! Orders to MAINLAND UK* can be delivered next day if this option is selected at the checkout. Please see the table below for more information on our delivery. Please note that our cut-off point for orders to be delivered next day is 4pm GMT on weekdays and 1pm GMT on weekends.

* Mainland UK excludes Northern Ireland, Ireland, some areas in the Highlands of Scotland, and offshore islands such as Jersey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight etc.

Order Amount 

Mon - Fri Delivery

Sat & Sun Delivery

£0 - £24.99



£25 - £59.99



£60 - £79.99



£80 +




Orders to Highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland, Ireland and offshore Islands will be delivered 2-5 WORKING DAYS after ordering if placed before 4pm GMT time on a weekday.


Orders to all other countries will be delivered 2-5 working days after ordering, again, if placed before 4pm GMT time on a weekday.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

DPD re-use tracking numbers so you will not be able to track your order until after 5pm on the day that you received your tracking information. Your order can be tracked at www.dpdlocal.co.uk

Why isn't my discount code working?

If you have not got your discount code directly from us via our mailing list or Facebook then the chances are it is either an expired or fake code.

Are your acrylic liquids odourless?

No, but we have been told by our customers that the Maximum Adhesion has a more pleasant odour than the other liquids.

Why did I receive all my liquids in 30ml bottles?

This is most likely due to the customs regulations of where you live e.g. if you are located in America we are only able to ship liquids in 30ml bottles.

When will *product* be back in stock?

If the item is out of stock it means we are still waiting on a shipment from our supplier. Check back on our website in a months time for another stock update, as we are unable to send out stock level updates to our customers.

How long do acrylic nails last?

Usually between 2-3 weeks, if cared for correctly. You can get an infills and this will make the nails last longer.

Do I need to cap your coloured acrylic powders in clear?

No, all of our powders are strength powders meaning that they do not need to be capped. However, many people do like to cap them so that during the filing process they are not filing away the colour, this also means that they are using less coloured acrylic when building the nail.

Why has my acrylic/gel nail popped off?

Usually it is because you have not prepped the nail properly.

Follow the steps below to prep the nail:

  1. Push the cuticle back ensuring no cuticle is on the nail bed as the acrylic will not stick to it.
  2. Buff the nail with a buffing block to remove the surface shine.
  3. Remove dust from nail using either a manicure brush or a lint free pad with a bit of Acetone or Gel Residue Remover.
  4. Apply nail prep/dehydrator.
  5. Apply acid free nail primer (primer not needed for gel nails)
  6. Your nails should now be ready for the application of Acrylic or Gel :)

What is a pinching tool used for?

It is used to create the illusion of a long, slender nail and it strengthens the nail, as the C curve provides strength.

Which gels can be cured under LED light?

All of our gels can be cured in either a UV or LED Lamp.
We would highly recommend using a lamp with a minimum power of 36 Watts otherwise the Gel may not cure properly and may encounter some problems.

I can't access my account. How do I view my order history?

Unfortunately as we have changed website, old accounts are no longer active. If you open a new account on the new website, you will receive an email to verify your account. Once you click on this, your address and contact details will be transferred over for you.

Do you send free samples?

Unfortunately in order to keep the cost of our products low, we do not offer free samples of our products. If you are wanting to try them out, you may be interested in ordering one of our starter kits which can be found here:https://www.naio-nails.co.uk/collections/acrylic-nail-starter-kits

Do you have to be qualified to order from us?

No, you do not need a qualification to purchase our products. Anyone can order.

There is an issue with my order. What do I do?

Please get in touch with us within 1 month of receiving your products, include your order number and photos of any item that is damaged.

Can you ship to Australia/Canada?

You will be able to select Australia or Canada at the checkout. All items other than acetone can be shipped to Australia and Canada.

Do you ship to Africa/South America?

Unfortunately due to strict shipping regulations set in place by the courier service we use, we are unable to ship to these continents. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Our Urban Graffiti Gel Polish and Acrygel are all vegan friendly, cruelty free and use 10 free ingredients.