Rose Acrylic Nail Design

Treat yourself to a bouquet of roses with this fantastic acrylic nail design. In this tutorial video Gemma Lambert show us how to create a visually stunning stiletto nail with a vibrant red rose design.  

We're going to do a basic pattern underneath this nail because we're going to do a nice, Christmas rose on top, using our one-stroke paints. So, again we're going to start off by using our cover pink. I'm going to use a white glitter to create the smile line. And then we're going to do a red tip.  Using my pink powder to pick up my red glitter. And then we're using our pink acrylic to cap this whole nail. Leave that nail to set a little bit before you pinch it. This nail is now ready for pinching.

Pinch your free edge first and then pop your pinching tool on and leave it there for few minutes. We can take our pinching tool off now and release the form. Then this nail is ready for filing. We're going to do some one-stroke on this nail so we need to smooth the surface.  And then get rid of your dust.  We're going to be doing a rose so I'm going into the red paint and then pick up a little bit of white. Give those colours a good blend together. We're going to go inside the flower now to create lots of layer. Then we're going to do the bud.
Now we're going to finish off with the petals around the bud.  I've done two more little buds and then I'm moving on to my leaves. Now we're going to move on to our outlining. So, again don't forget to water down your black to outline with. Then  use your white to highlight. 
Let your paint dry and then this nail is ready for a gel top coat. Get your client to put that nail into the lamp for two minutes. So, to finish this nail off, a bit of cuticle oil, massage it in.