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Prep, Removal & After Care

Preparing natural nails is essential to keep acrylic nails looking attractive, and preventing them from lifting.

Lifting can be easily seen when the overlay comes apart from the nail plate. It might often look a little cloudy around the edges, suggesting that the bond between the acrylic nail and the natural nail has some problems. If you have used coloured nail varnish on top of the acrylic nail, it’s clear to see when lifting is happening as there might be some colour bleed beneath the overlay.

While there can be lots of reasons for acrylic nails to lift, the most common culprit is dirt and poor hygiene. To keep acrylic nails in their best condition, it's important to keep them clean, and prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside nails. Maintaining proper salon hygiene will make sure that all your clients get to enjoy beautiful nails, without any damage or problems.

You’ll find all you need to help you prepare for acrylic nails, from nail tip dehydrators and primers to acetone and non acetone removers and conditioning brush cleaners.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

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