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(NEW) Mood Ring - UGGP-PH605 15ml
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(NEW) Mood Ring - UGGP-PH605 15ml (NEW) Mood Ring - UGGP-PH605 15ml

(NEW) Mood Ring - UGGP-PH605 15ml

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  • $14.00

The Urban Graffiti Photochromic range of gel polish reacts dramatically to daylight and UV rays causing it to change from one colour to another. These polishes are great for someone who gets easily bored with their nail colour or someone who just wants to inject a bit of fun into their designs. This colour changing gel is a way to wow your friends and clients when they see it change from one colour to another in the blink of an eye!

This colour starts as a vibrant orange that transforms into an super deep plum/burgundy colour when exposed to UV light. Mood Ring could be perfect for Halloween nails. Now, while Mood Ring doesn't work like traditional mood rings do, it still changes colour to offer you up that nostalgic 90s early 00s memory of begging your Mum to buy you a mood ring every time you saw them in a shop!

*Colour changing times and colour can vary depending on the strength of the UV rays.