Neon rainbow swirls acrylic nail design

This rainbow swirls acrylic nail design was created for our "Katy Perry Geek" themed photo shoot using the range of naio nails neon coloured acrylic powders.

We're going to be doing rainbow swirl nail for our 'Katy Perry' themed photo shoot. At this point in time you should have already watched the 'prep' video and the 'applying a clear nail' tip video. If you're not sure, take a look back at those videos before you get to this point. 

So this nail is all prepped and tipped and ready for the acrylic. These tips, although they don't have a well and don't need blending, they do have a slight rim to them so we need to put a clear bead just on that rim there so it's nice and smooth So, into your liquid monomer, into your clear, only a small bead placing it right on that rim of that tip. Wipe your brush, again using the tip of your brush, to pad to one side and then the other. Then smooth it out so that way, when we put our design on, the design goes on nice and smooth.
So for this design we're using a wide range of colours. We're using pink flamingo, oh my god its orange, lime green, shocking yellow, lightening blue, passionate purple and snow queen. When we do design work you need to work really wet and really thin. So that when we're doing capping with our clear product, or our pink product the nail doesn't get too thick. So were going to start by picking up a small bead of one of the colours, nice and wet with your liquid. So, only a small bead. Place it on the bottom of your nail and using the point of your brush go over that a few times until you're happy with where it is. Don't play with it too much. Again into the next colour, place it on, tip of your brush, pulling it up. So as you can see I'm not actually brushing any liquid out of my brush until I've worked with that bead. That way I get a really good amount of movement out of that bead because it's still nice and wet and nice and thin. Any particular order, it doesn't matter. So that's all the colours on now. All we need to apply now is some of the snow queen and that's going to go over the top of some of your lines just to merge them in a little bit and also bring it up to the top as well. 
We now need to cap this whole nail in clear. We're using clear because we've used green and yellow in this design and using pink powder will change the colour of that. We're still going to apply the clear in our three zones. So working on your zone one which is your free edge first, zone two which is your stress point, and zone three which is your cuticle area, remembering to tilt that nail down slightly so that it doesn't run back onto the cuticle. We're going to wait for about sixty seconds now for this nail to be ready to be pinched. The nail will look quite wide when you first finish it but don't panic it'll look better when it's pinched. So this nail is now ready to pinch. I want to give it a fairly tight pinch because it's a design nail so I'm placing it half way down my pinching tool. Leave that on there for good few minutes. Okay, so this nail has been pinched. We can take the pinching tool off and we can start to file this nail now. If you're unsure on filing have a look back at the filing video and then come back to me. So once you've finished filing, just buff the nail slightly with a white block, just because were going to finish this nail off with some hand-painting. Take your dust away and don't forget to take it from underneath. 
So, using a very fine detailer brush and just some white paint, follow the lines that you've made with your acrylic nice and wiggly, don't keep them too straight, these are not flicks. Let that paint dry and then you're going to apply your gel top coat. So remember when you're applying your gel top coat not to get it on the cuticle, skin or any natural nail and that really brings out that design. So that nail has been in there for three minutes now. It'll be completely set all you need to do to finish off, is just apply a small amount of cuticle oil round that cuticle area and massage it in. And that nail is now done.