Nail Art Spangles Encased into an Acrylic Nail

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us to create nail art spangles encased into an acrylic nail.

This nail that we're going to is an encapsulated design using glitter stars. This nail has already been prepped and primed and it's already got a clear tip applied to it. So, if you're not sure about those steps look back at them now. We're going to start off with some bright blue onto the tip of the nail.  We're using this quite wet because we want it to be a nice thin layer. Then we're going to blend it down towards the client's cuticle. Next stage is a little bit of pink just where the groove of that tip is and that way we don't have to spend any time blending it. Then we're going to come in with a little bit of iridescent glitter and that's going to pull over the blue and down towards your client's cuticle.  Now while this product is still wet pick up some of your star designs and place them wherever you want on the nail. We're now going to encase this whole nail with pink acrylic. Let that nail set a little bit and it's then it will be ready to pinch. This nail is now ready to pinch. Put your pinching tool on and leave it there for a few minutes. So we can take that pinching tool off now and this nail is now ready to file.
Then you just need to remove your dust, And then apply a gel top coat. Then get your client to put that finger into the lamp for two minutes. We're going to finish this nail off with a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. And that's that nail done.