Mosaic Stiletto Gel Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

On this nail we are going to be doing a gel mosaic design. I've already done a base in acrylic by sculpting a stiletto. So we are ready for our gel design to go straight on top. We are going to use a variety of colours to make some shapes on the nail. Sit the gels right next to each other. Every one of these nails will be different, so don't worry if you can't get them the same on all the nails. It's better to do them slightly different. Concentrate on those sidewalls, making sure they get a good coverage of the product. I am just using the very tip of my brush to move these colours around, because they will self level anyway. Make sure you don't get the gel onto the skin. Just check that you have got the whole nail
covered. And then that nail can now go into the lamp for 3 minutes. What we are going to do now is outline these shapes with gold, and that will create your mosaic effect. I am just using the tip of my brush to do this, and this way your lines won't be too thick. You could do this with paint after, if you wanted to. That can go back in for another 3 minutes. We are now going to cap this whole nail in our clear gel. A thin layer over the whole entire nail, and then your builder layer. Place your bead on, pull it forward and let it settle. If you feel like you need to move it, use the point of your brush. Check it from all different angles to check if you have enough on. But you do need to give it time to settle. It makes your job easier. Ok, that nail is now ready to go back into the lamp for 3 minutes. So we need to take this sticky layer off now. You are going to use your gel wipe for that. Remembering that the uncured gel can be the cause of allergic reaction on clients, so make sure you just wipe it forward and don't rub it. And we are ready for filing. Remember gel is a lot softer than acrylic so you don't need to go as hard when you file. You don't need to put as much pressure on. And it is a self leveling product so you shouldn't need to do as much filing to get it to the right shape. We're going to do a little bit of hand painting on this nail, so we need to smooth the surface with our white block. Then we can get rid of our dust. We're going to be using our black paint, so add a little bit of water to it so that is is nice and fine. We are going to be using a fine detailer brush. All we are going to do is just highlight little sections of the gold by running black along side it. You don't have to do them all. Let the paint dry and then you are ready for your gel top coat. Just moving the finger to check that the shine has gone from the paint. And that gel top coat needs to go into the
lamp for 2 minutes. So, to finish this nail off, just a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. And that is your mosaic gel nail done.