Lilac Shell, Stiletto Acrylic Nail

Stiletto acrylic nail using cover pink to extend the nail bed, with touches of lilac and purple glitter, crushed shells and rhinestones.

Today were going to do a lilac shell stiletto. This nail has already had it's form applied, it's has been prepped and it's already got it's primer on, so if you're unsure about those steps take a look back at them now. 

We're going to start by extending the nail bed.  Now in this design, the nail bed is not only extended but it actually starts to flow into the design. Don't forget to dry out your bead before you place it on to the nail, so that you get a nice solid colour. So I'm working from the reverse area to do the smile line here, and we're just concentrating on the sides. Then we're going to add an extension piece right on the edge so it's going to come into the design. So we're going to be using a bit of lilac and a bit of purple glitter and then some crushed shell. Picking up your lilac we're going to start making our smile line at one side of your nail then onto the other side, leaving that swirl of cover pink in the middle without any product on it the going into your pink then onto your glitter so that the tip of the nail is quite see-through.  Then we're going to go into the pink again, then into the cracked shell and just tap it onto the areas that you want it, then bring it down onto the nail bed area. We're now going to cap this whole nail in clear acrylic or pink acrylic. Let your nail set a little bit and then you're going to pinch it.
This nail is now ready to pinch. Place your pinching tool on and you can let go for a little bit, with a stiletto though we do need to pinch this area with our fingers as well. Just press it together then place your pinching tool back on for another few minutes. So the pinching tool has been on this nail long enough now, so we can take it off. And get the form off. So, release it from underneath and then make sure you go down. And then this nail is ready for filing. So, to finish this nail off we 're going to do a bit of hand-painting, so we need to smooth the surface of the nail down so we're going to use a white block. Get rid of your dust. What we're going to do is use our white paint to highlight the extension of the nail bed so load a nice detailer brush up with white paint and we're just going to work with swirls and dots. Let that paint dry and the this nail's ready for gel top coat. Get your client to pop that finger into the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off we're just going to apply a few little diamantes So, using your Naio Nails Brush-on Glue just apply a really small bead wherever you want to put your diamantes And then just sit the diamantes into it.
Let that glue set and then finish off with a little bit of cuticle oil, and that's that nail done.