Hot Pink and Netting Acrylic Nail

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to use netting and a pink colour to create a fantastic acrylic nail design.

 Hi, we're at Stockton Riverside college with Naio Nails and myself, Gemma Lambert, to do some step-by-step tutorials on how to do nails.  We're going to be doing an acrylic lace encapsulation. This nail's already prepped, tipped and primed: we're ready to go. We're going to start by applying a small bead of acrylic onto the nail so that we can then press the lace into it. Let that acrylic set a little bit so it starts to harden before you put the lace into it. It helps you to keep a good grip on it. Once that lace is in place, press down with your brush to make it more secure.  Then you can cut away the excess lace. We're going to use a hot pink now to give this nail a bit of colour and a little bit of glitter as well. Now we can cap the whole nail in pink acrylic. Let that nail start to set a little bit and then we're going to pinch. Place your pinching tool on and then you can let go. This nail's now ready to file. When you've finished filing, dust the nail and apply your gel top coat. Pop the client into the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail apply a small amount of cuticle oil and massage it in.