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Glitter Dust

Nail Art is becoming more and more popular as clients are searching for new ways of defining themselves through the way they look. With the likes of Lady Gaga making strong impressions through her clothes and accessories, more clients want unique and intricate designs on their nails.
Naio Glitter Dust is one product that can help nail technicians achieve unique and stunning individual designs on your client’s nails.
To use the Naio Glitter Dust to achieve optimal results, choose the desired colour of glitter and depending on the effect you are trying to achieve the glitter can be applied all over or added to certain areas on the nail such as the tip.
Naio has a wide range of coloured Glitter Dusts from pink to black to silver and all of the highest quality to provide excellent results.

Grass Green - Glitter Dust 10ml | Naio Nails

Grass Green - Glitter Dust 10ml

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