Glitter and UV Gel Swirl Nail Design

In this acrylic nail tutorial Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails explains how to create a glitter and uv gel swirl nail design.

Today we are going to be doing another gel design. We've already done the base for the acrylic using a tip and an overlay, so that is all ready to go. With this one, what we are going to do is make a shape with the gel, then set it for 10 seconds so it stays exactly where we have put it. So into the lamp for just 10 seconds. Wipe your brush, so you get rid of that colour and then we are going to move onto the next colour.  So we are going to run this colour alongside the last one. Because you have frozen it, it shouldn't bleed into it. I'm just going to put a little more onto the base of that, so it is more of a solid colour. And again back into the lamp for another 10 seconds. Ok, back out. 

I'll move onto the glitter now. So just picking up my glitter using my clear gel, and then into my glitter. We can also put one at this side of this one. Back in the lamp for 10 seconds. I just keep my lamp on a constant setting, so I can just move my client in and out. And if I was doing a full set I would do 2 or 3 nails at a time. Take that back out. Back in with your colours. So your line should clearly be going from thick to thin. And then finally back in with your glitter. Then that one needs to go in for a full 3 minutes. 

We now need to cap this whole nail in your clear gel. Starting off with a thin layer over the entire nail. And then your builder layer. Place it on and pull forward. Let that build layer settle. Use the tip of your brush to move it if you want to. Back into the lamp for 3 minutes. We can take the sticky residue off the top now and then this nail is ready for filing. 

So you can now get rid of your dust and then apply your top coat. Place that into the lamp for 2 minutes..

Just a little bit of cuticle oil to finish this nail off.

And that is your gel nail done.