Encapsulated Polka Dots Acrylic Nail

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to create an encapsulated polka dots acrylic nail design.

For this nail we're going to do polka dots but slightly different from the last step-by-step I did for you. For this one we're going to cover it in a solid colour and then file through it to see the polka dots. We're going to start by putting the polka dots on but we need them to stay nice and high on this one so really take that liquid out of the back of the bead. Take a look at the depth and the height of those polka dots. If you feel that any of them are a little bit flat then place a little bit more on top. Let those polka dots set then we're going to put black over the top.

So were now going to place the black over the top. Make sure you get all the way round those polka dots.Then we're going to use some cover pink and then we're going to apply our pink acrylic. The pink acrylic only wants to be applied to this area - if you go over the top of your black you're going to end up filing through your pink and then through your black which will take longer, so this area only. Let that acrylics set and then we're ready for pinching. Place your pinching tool on now and leave it there for a few minutes. Take your pinching tool off and this nail's ready for filing. What you'll see is the little polka dots coming straight through that black. Okay, so you can remove your dust now and you can finish off by applying your gel top coat. Get your client to place that nail into the lamp for two minutes, we're going to finish this nail off with a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. That's your polka dots done.