Electric Nail Files

Naio offers an extensive range of high quality, affordable electric nail files / nail drills and nail drill bits.

All machines come with 12 months full warranty and are of the highest quality. With a vast choice of machines and replacement parts, Naio is sure to have a file/drill right for you or your salon.

Naio's Nail Drills are great for a salon, spa or mobile technician and will make a great addition to your kit.
All Naio Nail Drill Bits have a 3/32" shaft, and can be used with any of our electric nail drills.
Carbide mail drill bits are renowned for their incredible strength and durability.

The carbide bits are available in Fine, Medium and Course so what ever your requirements we are sure to have the nail drill bit to suit, whether you are shaping and filing around the cuticle are, Removing Acrylic Nails with the cutting action of the coarse bits, doing infills or backfills with the 2, 3 and 4 week backfill bits, or finishing and smoothing acrylic nails with the fine nail drill bits etc.
Carbide bits can be used at high speeds speeds (10,000 RPM) and Carbide nail drill bits create less dust, friction and heat. It is not recommended that you ever use a nail drill on the natural nail.



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