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Crushed Shell

With the increase in clients requesting nail art applying to either natural or enhanced nails, Naio has a large array of fine nail art products. From crushed shell to flitter, you will find exactly what you are looking for in the colour you require.
Naio Crushed Shell is a unique product which can be used to create some truly individual designs. Great for boho or textured finishes, the Naio Crushed Shell come in a large selection of colours.
Naio Crushed Shells can be used on acrylic, UV gel and fiberglass enhancements to create 3D and textured designs.
As with all Naio products, the Naio Crushed Shell is excellent value for money and made from the highest quality materials.
Available in a set to provide a full range of colours. Great for salon, spa, college and mobile technicians.

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Black Pearl Crushed Shells 10g Jar

Black Pearl Crushed Shells 10g Jar

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Crushed Shells Set - NCS-002

Crushed Shells Set - NCS-002

Regular price $14.00