Coloured Nail Tip with One Stroke Nail Art

This video demonstrates how to create a colour tip with some beautiful flower one stroke nail art

This nail that we're going to do is going to be a basic colour tip and then we're going do some one-stroke on top. I'm going to start by using our cover pink to extend the nail bed slightly. Then I'm going to go into our turquoise and start to make the smile line. I'm then going to go into my pink acrylic and pick up some turquoise glitter. Using the tip of your brush, just use that to blend down the glitter. Now we just need to encase this whole nail before we pinch it.
Let that nail set for a little bit and the it's ready to pinch. This nail is now ready to pinch. Place your pinching tool on and leave it to set for a few minutes. You can take your pinching tool off now and release the form and this nail is ready
for filing.
We're going to do some one-stroke onto this nail so we need to make the surface nice and smooth so use your white block for that. Get rid of your dust and this nail is ready for painting. We're going to pick up two colours on our brush, starting with the darker colour at the lower end of your brush and the lighter colour at the tip of your brush. So you've got two colours on your brush. Then you're going to use your skin to blend those two colours together. Nice and slow, create your petals. Making sure that the outside of the petal is wider than the inside. I'm then going to do some leaves doing exactly the same, lighter colour on the tip of the brush.
Then I'm going to start to outline my design using the black paint, do make sure you water it down enough. Then I'm going to use our white paint as a highlighter. Let that paint dry and then this nail is ready for gel top coat. Get your client to place that nail into the lamp for two minutes.

To finish this nail off just apply a little bit of cuticle oil and rub it in and that's that nail done.