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Coloured Powder

If you have a desire to be more creative when it comes to your acrylic nail extensions, you might want to consider adding some colour. With our coloured acrylic powder, the only real limitation is your imagination.

Nail art is becoming increasingly popular as people look to create fashionable and funky designs using their trusted nail art sets. The powders are suitable for 3D nail art as well as with our coloured nail tips and offer a unique twist on the plain acrylic look. There is great depth to the Naio coloured acrylic powder range and these colours have the ability to add a new dimension to your nail art creations.

The handy sized 7g pots we stock are perfect for mobile technicians and salons as they make it much easier to carry a range of colours, providing customers with a variety of looks to select from, while our super-fast-setting nail art liquid monomer can be combined with coloured acrylic powder for great 3D nail art.

At Naio we supply a wide assortment of colours, so be sure to check out the tones you can use to create your nail masterpieces.

*7g pots may come un-labeled due to clearance.

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