Black / Grey Coloured Nail Art Products

Looking to add black to your technician’s kit, well you have found the right place. Naio’s shop by colour is an excellent place to purchase your items if you know exactly what colour you are looking for.
Black equipment looks professional and hygienic as well as being a very popular choice as they can add a different dimension to a colour orientated environment.  Black goes with everything and can be used to create dark and gothic inspired nail designs along with being great to add intricate details to stunning nail art masterpiece’s.
Especially popular at Halloween, Black tips are a great addition to your kit. They give an excellent base for you to create stunning, unique works of art to keep your clients coming back for more. Natural coloured tips are fine but with a coloured background, this can give an edge to your enhancements.
Naio’s Black items can be used with any of the other coloured products they have in their stock as it is such a versatile colour and great for edging and finishing off detail.



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