Acid Free Nail Primer

Preparing the nails for enhancements is essential to ensure the longevity of the finished nail. Naio has a great range of prep and care products for both natural and enhanced nails.
Naio Acid Free Nail Primer is an essential product for all nail technicians to ensure long lasting nail enhancements. This patented formula is a superbly effective nail primer with bonding chemistry that promotes full strength adhesion when applying nail tips, acrylic enhancements UV gel enhancements and all other types of nail enhancement.
Naio Acid Free Nail Primer is gentle on your client’s nails and will not cause soreness like some other products available on the market.
The Naio Acid Free Nail Primer is available in 6ml, 15ml and 30ml, a great size for wherever you are based. As with all of Naio’s products, you get a high quality product which is also excellent value for money.



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