Naio Acetone Tip Remover provides the safe removal of acrylic, UV cure acrylic, Naio Soakind Gel and nail tips whilst reducing the damaging effect these nails can have on the natural nail.
Naio Acetone Tip Remover is 100% pure, high cosmetic grade acetone which comes with a mint fragrance for a clean, fresh, pleasant aroma.
Naio Acetone Tip remover can be used for numerous purposes such as, thinning fibreglass resin, dissolve unhardened superglue and epoxy resin, dissolve ABS plastic (nail tips) and remove nail varnish to list just a few.
Acetone is extremely drying on skin so it is advisable to cover the surrounding skin of the nail with petroleum jelly to act as a barrier.
Naio Acetone Top Remover is available in various sizes from 120ml to 5 Litre.



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