3D Christmas Bells

This video shows how to create a christmas 3D design using gel polish (UV/LED) over acrylic with a 3D acrylic design.

Hi, I'm kirsty meakin from naio nails, in this video I'm going to show you how to create some Christmas bells out of 3D acrylic. So on this nail we've got, erm, urban graffiti gel polish in the colour poppy power and what we're going to do on top of this gorgeous red is we're going to do some 3D bells, nice Christmas 3D bells. Now the liquid that I'm going to use will be the high speed liquid because i want it to set up really quickly, i don't want to hang about waiting for it to set. Now there's going to be two bells, so they're going to sit slightly over each other, so we're going to do the one that's sat underneath first. And be aware that when this other bell here is on there this part needs to be quite flat so you can overlap these bells. You're going to press that powder out and then the with end of your 3D brush, you're going to push it open and open a pocket to be the opening of your bell. Just going to do the top part of that bell, keeping this bit nice and thin, because the other bell is going to sit here and slightly overlap. So have the shape in your head so you can
visualise what you're going to create. Just adding a little bit of detail. So it has an indentation running through here to make it look more 3D. Just going to keep it nice and
open, don't let it close, in here we're going to do a little tiny , in here we're going to add a little it of detail, so the bell can chime. And then the next bell, if your bead seems too dry, do you see what i did just i went into the liquid and i just touched the bead and it starts to polymerise again. Get that basic shape. I'm going to pop a bead here, this is the bead I'm going to open out, make it slightly bigger. So I'm going to go in with the brush and open the bell out very very softly. A bead at the top end of this bell now just to add that detail,
so you have this band running through here, now you don't just have to do these bells
at Christmas, you can do them for weddings, I've done bells for weddings before, not Christmas bells, wedding bells. It's something different rather than flowers because everybody does 3D flowers, if you want to do something a little bit different. Check it's still open enough, just going to do a little detail inside, tiny bead, not too wet, sort of push it into a tear drop shape, just like that and i want a dry to medium bead at the very top on both sides, small, dotting tool, just press into that. Now what I'm going to do, you could
leave it like that if you wanted to, I'm just going to make some little bits of leaves and
things like that, as if they're coming off the Christmas tree and they're just going
to sit over that as well.

So for these, little leaves, ferns, we're going to do secondary green and caribbean sunsplash, so you've got like a nice green and yellow. Going to do a little bit on the nail, going to double dip these, lightest colour first, then your dark colour, always do the light colour first, then as you press these they will start to blend , if you want them to blend any more, if you want to add colour you can just pick a little bit up, see how i just picked that up there, add it down the center. Just going to press that out, a little bit more green. just use your brush that's a little bit damp and you can always add some by painting it on, now if you get a sculpting form and fold over the center tab, you can use it like a blade and go into the leaf shape and add loads and loads of little creases. Just going to wet underneath
that and give it a little bit of a bend and add a tiny bit of yellow, just so i know that's completely connected to the nail, nice and secure. And then we're going to make a couple
of leaves off the nail, so lighter colour first. I'll show you what happens if you go dark first, dark, light, you can't hardly see the yellow, now if you go, it saturates, the dark colour will saturate the paler colour. So you go into your pale colour first and then into your darker colour, press that, you can see how it's blending. Use your little tab, it's a good little tool, disposable as well, just to add lots of little creases, if you need more time you can use the medium speed liquid, if you feel like it goes too quick. Press it out so it blends, bring it into a rough shape. Going to pick up this first one, so with a damp brush, gently peel it from the backing , you're going to wet with the brush where it's going so it will stick better. Same with this one, just wet where you're going to put it, roll it off your brush, use your brush to maneuver it where you want to put it. Just going to add another one down this side, use your little tool we made, press in. Just folding that a little bit, give it a little bit of movement. I'm just going to add a few stones. Ok, to add the balloon balls we're going to use some of the top gel sealer, going to add a little bit where i want them to go, then I'm going to go straight in, pick them up, place them on. Make sure they've all got the gel on or you'll start to loose some of them. Then we're going to put a few gems on also using the gel. Then we can cure that in the lamp. So now that's dry all I'm going to do now is add a little bit of detail to the bells using a little bit of white paint, just, it'll just highlight the bells a little bit more, give them a little bit of definition. You can then do the same on the little leaves a little bit. To keep the erm, to keep that paint on, we're just going to brush over with a little bit of nail glue and that'll just keep that on, don't go too mad with it. All
we need to do now is add a bit of cuticle oil and you've got your jingle bell nail. Then you've got your Christmas bells.